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The CAC Group of Companies is a set of related companies under common control, which can be reached as follows.

CAC ENTERPRISES GROUP HEAD OFFICE (mailing address - open by appointment only)

619-4538 Kingsway Street
Burnaby, B. C. Canada V5H 4T9
Telephone: 1(604)430-8835
Fax: 1(604)430-8803

CAC NATURAL FOODS (warehouse and administrative office - open by appointment only)

226-3355 North Rd Burnaby. BC. V3J 7T9
Telephone: 1-778-379-7730
Fax: 1-778-379-7731


EDMONTON MAIN YARD (industrial recyclables - drop in during posted hours)

2411 76th Ave NW,

Edmonton, AB, T6P1X2

Telephone: 1-780-416-8007


EDMONTON SATELLITE FACILITY (industrial steel - open by appointment only)

8600-1st St NW,

Sherwood Park, AB, T6P1X2

Telephone: 1-780-416-8007

(400m behind McColman Demolition


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